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eDreams: an agency at the service of its customers

For nearly two decades, eDreams has been helping customers worldwide plan and book their trips. Flights, hotels, breaks, cars: it offers a wide range of travel products. Its motto is simple: the best offers at the best prices. It achieves this by continuously strengthening its partnerships and developing cutting-edge technological tools. eDreams has been part of the eDreams ODIGEO group since 2011.

Who is eDreams?

eDreams is Europe’s leading online travel agency. Founded in 1999, its head office is located in Barcelona, Spain. Just a year after its creation, eDreams became as Spain’s leading online travel agency. Since its creation, the company has steadily grown and moved into new markets in Europe and the rest of the world. Between 2004 and 2007, eDreams was the fastest growing company in Europe, across all industries!

In the context of this healthy performance, eDreams merged with Go Voyages in 2011. This merger also involved the acquisition of Opodo and Travellink. The result was eDreams ODIGEO, Europe’s number 1  online travel agency and global number 5. Pursuing its external growth strategy, the ODIGEO group acquired in 2013 and was listed on the stock market in 2014.

Since 2015, Dana Dunne has been the Chief Executive Officer of eDreams. He has made a significant contribution to growing the group’s business. Today, the brand has a strong reputation worldwide – in particular in Europe. eDreams operates in 43 countries and on all continents.

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To give its customers more and better assistance, eDreams has developed hi-tech solutions that allow them to search millions of combinations of flights and hotels. Its extensive offer catalogue and the high quality of its search engine results make eDreams the most effective solution for finding a trip that meets specific criteria at the best price. On the eDreams website, customers can search for a flight, a hotel, a combination of flight +hotel, a break and/or car rental.

Why choose eDreams?

We offer a high-performance service that means you can book your trip easily and quickly. Everything has been designed to simplify your search and booking process. It has devisigned an interface that is both comprehensive and intuitive. Its booking service is incredibly user-friendly. It is one of the main benefits mentioned by its customers.

Another one of eDream’s strong points is its varied offer catalogue. There is something for every taste and budget. Its comparison tool helps you find the offers that meet your criteria in just a few clicks. Its many partnerships with other players in the travel industry – from airlines to tour operators, and hotels to car rental companies – mean it can offer the best prices on the market.

Part of the online travel agency landscape for many years, eDreams has built up an excellent international reputation. Choosing eDreams means choosing a trusted partner and it means choosing security.